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Do you remember me

In the picture: Reclining Woman by Damien Hirst from his “Treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable” Soundtrack: Maltese: Il romanzo del Commissario (click here to listen)   As the day had progressed the bleak weather had done its part and now she was in one of those dreadful moods

carnival dreams: the lagoon pirates

Soundtrack: Thirty Seconds to Mars “Live like a dream” (click here to listen) Want to see the full size image? Just click on it!

page 31

Soundtrack: Thirty Seconds to Mars “City of Angels” accoustic version (click here to listen) There is a book like no book on Earth… A book called “Dream of Venice in Black and White”. A book that is like a sotoportego leading you into another dimension where the flow of time

a dream that came true

Soundtrack: Thirty Seconds To Mars “Live like a dream” (click here to listen) Ive been silent on this platform all summer, but today I finally have an exciting subject matter in mind. Let’s talk about that one thing all kinds of realists can’t fully understand the content and purpose of.

across reality

  “The House of Visible Thoughts is a dangerous place.” “Why? What’s so bad about it?” “It’s a place where reflections live,” he said softly, shaking his head and turning away. “It used to be a place…” Silence swept away his voice like a sudden gust of wind. “What… place?”


Following one’s heart and dreams can be a blessing or a violent insanity that shreds the soul, the choice is yours, dreamer… Soundtrack: Jack Savoretti “No one’s aware” (click here to listen) So three weeks ago I finally set foot on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Took me only

don’t let go of dreams

Sometimes morning marches in on you rattling it’s blasted chains of reality while you are still under the spell of a dream so wonderful, so vividly real, you refuse to let it go. You feel it slipping away, slowly, inevitably, and you desperately try to hold on to the taste

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