edge of time

Soundtrack: Within Temptation “Edge of the World” (click here to listen)

“What’s going on?” The boy was nearly hysterical.

The man in strange clothes, the kind the boy had never seen in his young life, shrugged. “When time surges happen nobody knows what’s going on. All you know, although with no guarantee of truth, is that you get to see what you’re not really supposed to see, if you believe such school of thought.” He sounded almost bored.

Time surges were nasty things that swiped through parts of the city at a particular time of the day. No one knew for certain which parts of the city would be affected on any given day and there was no curfew set in stone, but everyone knew to stay indoors during time surges because it was a common knowledge all kinds of vile things were inevitable if one was unfortunate (or stupid, depending on the perspective you favored) to get caught into this phenomena. And yet there were time surge addicts who got high on side effects.

Was he about to explain these things to the boy? The answer, if you knew anything at all about Guardian of the Portals, had always been and always would be a sound no…

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