a dream that came true

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Ive been silent on this platform all summer, but today I finally have an exciting subject matter in mind. Let’s talk about that one thing all kinds of realists can’t fully understand the content and purpose of. Let’s talk about dreams.

Dreams is one of the constants in my life, one thing I firmly believe in, and it will come as no surprise to those of you who have been reading my blog for a bit. I believe in dreams coming true, in making them come true, in living your dreams, sometimes even if it hurts. I believe that dreams infuse our life with colours, make us believe in miracles, make us feel light as air. I believe if you do what it takes to make dreams happen they will become your reality. 

I also believe that it will most likely take time, lots of patience, persistence and a constant battle with that silver-tongued monster called self doubt that will whisper in your ear – oh so seductively – all kinds of things to make you give up, just because going on will seem impossible, while giving up will appear to be the ever so tempting easy route. However, if you refuse to quit, let me assure you that it will be incredibly rewarding and worth it. 

This dream of mine goes back to about three years ago when I came across a book called Dream of Venice edited by JoAnn Locktov. This book is an exquisite collection of photographs by Charles Christopher, foreword by Frances Mayes and confessions of love for Venezia by many wonderful people. The title, the stunning imagery and the foreword with it’s first blunt statement – Venice is a state of mind. – was all it took for this book to join my other two absolute favourites – Brodsky’s “Watermark” and Calvino’s “Invisible Cities”. 

Two years ago it was followed by the second book called Dream of Venice Architecture, a delight for everyone in love with Venezia, architecture or with beauty as a general concept, for everyone who wishes to get a glimpse at the city beyond the postcard, the city free of crowds. 

This year the series will become a trilogy when a book called Dream of Venice in Black and White is going to be released on September 5. And this brings us to my dream that came true, because I’d been incredibly fortunate to be selected to join an international group of 56 amazing photographers who submitted their work to create something truly marvellous, to literally bring a dream to life.

I love Venezia, photography and books. And to have a photograph of mine in a book dedicated to the city my heart calls home, in a book that is packed to the brim with stunning images, including my absolute favourite classic shot by Gianni Berengo Gardin that has inspired me to attempt to show the Venezia I see in a way that might be a little bit different than the one people are used to seeing, it’s nothing short of incredible. 

It’s such a special (and still mind blowing) thing that it was the water reflection image the wonderful creator of this series chose from my submitted photos. It’s incredible how life works – I started looking for my photographic self by peering into puddles and I’ve often gotten the weirdest looks because of that and now my puddle picture is in a magical book about the city that is my ultimate dream and inspiration. My first published work. What a fantastic validation of every step I’ve taken to reach this road. Unbelievable. Magical. Breathtaking. I feel light as air.

But as I say in my interview for Ytali, Venezia constantly shows me that dreams are possible. Even the most impossible ones.

6 Replies to “a dream that came true”

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    I’m so glad this dream has come true for you.
    But I am amazed that it didn’t happen years ago and that your incredible photography is only just now being discovered.
    One day we will all gather in our beloved Venezia for an exhibition of your photos in that interesting gallery space on Giudecca.

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  2. Amazing and congrats my dear friend ❤ So happy for you!!!

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