don’t let go of dreams

Sometimes morning marches in on you rattling it’s blasted chains of reality while you are still under the spell of a dream so wonderful, so vividly real, you refuse to let it go. You feel it slipping away, slowly, inevitably, and you desperately try to hold on to the taste of it, to every sensation it brought you, for a fraction longer. You try to sear it into every single one of your senses, into the very core of you, because you know it is essential to your life like the air you breathe. You close your eyes and stubbornly refuse to let go…

Soundtrack: Robert Miles “Children [Dream version]” (click here to listen)

3 Replies to “don’t let go of dreams”

  1. J.D. Riso says:

    I so love the intensity of your work.

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    • Thank you! It’s really wonderful of you to say. In fact, the feeling is absolutely mutual. Your post I read yesterday had so many truths in it. One quote that has stuck with me is this – Coincidence is for people who can’t handle mystery. Wonderful statement.


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