across reality


“The House of Visible Thoughts is a dangerous place.”

“Why? What’s so bad about it?”

“It’s a place where reflections live,” he said softly, shaking his head and turning away. “It used to be a place…” Silence swept away his voice like a sudden gust of wind.

“What… place?”

“A sort of… a healing place, if you will, although “healing” is the most misleading word to use when describing it.”

“What was going on there?”

“It was a place where those who had lost their grasp on reality lived. It’s where they faced all their reflections, where they were forced to deal with whatever was bothering them. Then the place got abandoned, but the reflections never left. They are all still there, lurking about beneath the darkest layers of shadows.”

[a sketch from my story “Reflected Realities: Part II”]

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