Following one’s heart and dreams can be a blessing or a violent insanity that shreds the soul, the choice is yours, dreamer…

Soundtrack: Jack Savoretti “No one’s aware” (click here to listen)

So three weeks ago I finally set foot on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Took me only about 20 years to do so. Oh well… Better later than never, right?

It was an overcast and lazy Sunday when my only wish was to curl up somwhere in the embrace of sleep that tempted me with it’s sweet whispers and promisses of dolce far niente, while the sky threatened to unleash rain on the city at any moment. Judging by the vicious looking army of clouds it had gathered this would have been one of those affairs suitable for the saying that involves cats and dogs.

But… I hadn’t come all this way from my Northern swap to sleep and rain had no chance of scaring me (as long as it didn’t show up accompanied with lightning, when it would have been a completely different matter all together). So I had two options of how to spend my day – by going to an exhibition called “Venice Secrets” held at Palazzo Zaguri and dedicated to all things morbid like methods of punishment used by the Serenissima or jump into the Number 2 vaporetto and finally go to San Giorgio.

And that is how my visit to San Giorgio Maggiore happened. The church was freezing cold that day, but beautiful nonetheless. It gifted me this photograph and in return I promissed I would come back some other time when it was warmer and there were less people in line to it’s campanile…

What do you think?

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