Venezia in black and white

Venezia. The city that defies logic and reason. The city I have no first impression of. Strange? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s exactly the way it should be. Who knows? But the fact remains – I don’t have that clear first sensation that most places brand you with when you arrive there for the first time. When it comes to my first memories of Venezia, that first trip simply felt like returning home. I didn’t go there expecting to be charmed, surprised and astonished. I didn’t expect her to take my breath away. I didn’t need that. I knew – even before setting my feet on the cobblestones of its calles for the first time – what she was like, how beautiful and precious she was without knowing how I possess such knowledge. I knew I loved her and I still do. In fact, each photograph I take of her and present here is a declaration of my infinite love for the city like no other, an attempt to go beyond the classical shots and show one of the most photographed places in a way that perhaps might allow you to discover it anew.


What do you think?

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