per le strade: acqua alta

Walking around Venezia on my birthday I overheard a girl say to her companion: “Lets go or we will get lost.” Said phrase made me curious – did she really believe that constant moving would save them from this “horror”? I found such thought amusing.

I constantly see people getting lost in Venezia, yet I cannot do that no matter how I try. At the same time I couldn’t show the way to any of those lost souls, because when I walk around Venezia, I let it lead me to wherever she pleases, and she never fails to surprise me.

This time she lead me to the hidden gem that is Libreria “Acqua alta” – a place Ive heard so much about but had never been to before – and its feline guardians. The shop is any book lover’s dream stuffed with books from floor to ceiling and it can appear to be a beautiful chaos, yet the men working there know perfectly where to find the books their customers are after. Incredible. My love for bookstores means another visit is a must. In winter.

5 Replies to “per le strade: acqua alta”

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Oh, my dear friend, I can’t believe that in all your wanderings you never found the “most beautiful book shop in the world”. At least the cats were there for you. I was there on a winter afternoon and they were all sleeping upstairs according to Luigi. Personally I think that was a ploy to get me back. It is a wonderful place. I even bought a beautiful book, in Italian, which I am almost to the point of being able to read nearly three years later. But it is a book of watercolor illustrations so just gazing at it has been enough for the time being while I study diligently in hopes of someday reading what it says.
    So glad you discovered it. What a lovely birthday gift from the City of Our Dreams.

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    • biankonera says:

      It has been evading me for years, but as the saying goes – better later than never. 🙂 And it was indeed a beautiful birthday gift from the magical Venezia. Im certainly going back to this book shop to have a good look through their treasure (and to photograph those lovely cats, of course).


  2. Bookstores are so amazing, I wish there were more of them around (:

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  3. Iris says:

    Great shots!

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