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illusorium: II

“This is Art holding a Mirror up to Life. That’s why everything is exactly the wrong way around.” [Terry Pratchett “Wyrd sisters”]

2015 deluxe edition: part IV

Reflections. This journey once started as me photographing puddles and confusing the hell out of people by doing so. I still love water mirrors. Even the tiniest yet usable water mirror can bring back the spark to my creativity that sometimes decides to abandon me at the most inappropriate of

per le strade: when it rains

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” [Roger Miller] Some people say rain makes Venezia unbearable. I happen to think it makes it even more beautiful. Venezia is a city inseparably connected with water, so why would it make it unbearable? Rain, fog, acqua alta, snow, mist,

behind the shot: a slightly clumsy attempt…

… at a nod to a master. There are images that take their place in our memory and never leave it because they seem to fit our mind, our imagination, our thoughts, our being perfectly like those pieces of a puzzle that hold the whole thing together. One of such

per le strade: ti ho voluto bene veramente

This photo has been taken almost exactly a year ago (although it feels like yesterday), however, I dismissed it as one of those “almost good enough” photos at the time. I truly discovered it only now, a few days ago, as I was sorting through my photos of winter Venezia

per le strade: acqua alta

Walking around Venezia on my birthday I overheard a girl say to her companion: “Lets go or we will get lost.” Said phrase made me curious – did she really believe that constant moving would save them from this “horror”? I found such thought amusing. I constantly see people getting

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