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37 glimpses: IX

On a rainy day in September some years ago I showed up in Venezia for several hours. I had just taken a dip in the pool of photographic knowledge, so I made a brash announcement, stepping through the doors of Santa Lucia station: “Now I know how to photograph you!”

illusorium: VI

They had set their encounter in a suburban part of the city, the abandoned district where nobody dared venturing out of free will and for good reason. Stories of ancient spirits lurking around looking for their wrongdoers were too detailed to be just imagination. Where are you?

illusorium: IV

“This is not magic. This is the way the world is, only very few people take the time to stop and note it.” [Erin Morgenstern “The Night Circus”]

illusorium: II

“This is Art holding a Mirror up to Life. That’s why everything is exactly the wrong way around.” [Terry Pratchett “Wyrd sisters”]

2015 deluxe edition: part II

Photography is my religion if you will and thus there are wise words I tend to remind myself of when I head out to catch dreams. I decided to accompany this post in the Deluxe series with one of my favourite quotes that regards photographing strangers. “We’re not invading the

dietro lo specchio: type your story

per le strade: 4837

dietro lo specchio: layers

“The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts. The third silence was not an easy thing to notice. If you listened for an hour, you might begin to feel it… It was the greatest silence of the three, wrapping the others inside itself.” [Patrick

ladies who lunch

through crystal prism

What is reality? Its only an interpretation of you… (a re-post due to glitch that messed up the original posting)

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