dietro lo specchio: type your story

6 Replies to “dietro lo specchio: type your story”

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Ah, an ancient form of communication! I’ve been meaning to visit there. It would be a “blast from my past”. I learned to type on an electric version of one of those.

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    • biankonera says:

      Mmm… now here comes the funny part – I learned to type on a mechanical one. Seriously. 🙂

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      • mvaden1948 says:

        I didn’t learn to type until I took a class in college….with the drill instructor (I swear she had been a Marine) of all drill instructors. They only had electric machines….both Olivetti and IBM (the the ball that flew around). I never had enough strength in my little fingers for the mechanical ones.
        I still prefer a keyboard to a touch screen though.
        And it is funny considering I’m old enough to be your mother….or at least a favorite aunt.

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      • biankonera says:

        In our class we had mostly the mechanical ones, so I really had no choice but to deal with that, however, typing is a great skill to have (especially in this day and age). And come to think of it – it all happened in the previous millenium!!! 😀


  2. Yvonne says:

    I understand that the folks at the Olivetti shop have offered to show the photographs that were deemed anti-cruise ship by the new sindaco. The display was supposed to be help at the Ducal Palace, the sindaco said “No”. The cruise ship issue is going to become even more of a hot potato with the pro-cruise ship stance of this Man.


    • biankonera says:

      Yes, I read about that and its really great because it means the exhibition will after all be held in the heart of the city (and hopefully seen by many). As for the new sindaco – the man’s a joke. Venezia deserves so much better.

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