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reflection of self

2018 is with us for a few days now, but I thought I’d do a post about 2017. I can say in all honesty I am happy this year was in my life. It was a year of discovery, meaningful meetings (grazie dal cuore meravigliosa Michelle) and breathtaking experiences I

2015 deluxe edition: part IV

Reflections. This journey once started as me photographing puddles and confusing the hell out of people by doing so. I still love water mirrors. Even the tiniest yet usable water mirror can bring back the spark to my creativity that sometimes decides to abandon me at the most inappropriate of

sunday musings: darkness, depression and drama

Come to think of it, this has been a very interesting year as far as my photographic experience is concerned. For one Ive received the most amount of random comments about my photos than ever before. It appears that darkness of my photographs keeps on bothering some people and they

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