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reflected realities: watercolors

Soundtrack: Ludovico Einaudi “Le onde” (click here to listen)

reflected realities: inception

We are what books we read, what music we listen to, what movies we watch, what fragrances we wear. I believe my photographs give a pretty good hint about the kind of stuff that influences me. Anyway, after a handful of “dark” posts, lets go for something lighter, shall we?

dreamscapes: prologue

The very moment I stepped through the airport’s doors and out on the quayside Venezia scooped me up in a glittering embrace of sun diamonds and planted a fresh sea breeze kiss upon my senses as if to wake me up from a slumber and make me understand that only

37 glimpses: VIII

“Your soul sings to mine. My soul is yours, and it always will be, in any world. No matter what happens.” [Laini Taylor “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”]

37 glimpses: VI and VII

37 glimpses: IV

What do you see? An empty square with a lonely bench? A water mirror reflecting true ageless beauty? Or perhaps a border between two worlds? A portal connecting the mundane world with the surreal one where dreams are reality? The choice is yours…

illusorium: III

What is true and what is real in a city that defies logic by its very existence? Only what you believe in. She offers you choices. The decision is yours.

illusorium: II

“This is Art holding a Mirror up to Life. That’s why everything is exactly the wrong way around.” [Terry Pratchett “Wyrd sisters”]

nessun grado di separazione

No degree of separation between reality and dream. Aren’t they the same anyway?

reflected realities: forse sì forse no…

There is a Warderobe that leads you to Narnia. There is a bridge that takes you to Terabithia. Where will this bridge lead you? Will you dare to go to said unknown place?

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