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nature of fortune

He stared into the light shining down on him through the high narrow crack in the stone wall that served as a window. Was this a blessing he had been hoping for? Or perhaps he had been singled out, made an easy mark for those who sought to find him

you were a comet

Actually this post was supposed to be called “Alice and the Liar princess”, but hey, Im way too obsessed with the song that is today’s soundtrack, so the original title went out the window. Or should I say – out of the mirror? Speaking of mirrors, there is a calle

november wind

That November morning wind barged into Venezia and ran through its calles, fondamentas and canals at the speed of 35 km/h, rattling window blinds and tearing umbrellas out of the hands of the unfortunate ones who for whatever reason were forced to be on the streets. And said wind had

welcome to the fall

Lets begin the colorful games of this fall, shall we? Soundtrack: Zayn feat. Sia “Dusk Till Dawn” (click here to listen)

venezia essenziale: view

What’s on the menu tonight? A breathtaking view. How about that? soundtrack: Darren Hayes “Creepin’ Up On You” (click here to listen) Ive stayed away from Giudecca for years. Not intentionally, mind you. It just so happened that (almost) every single time I got distracted by other places. Besides its

venezia essenziale: hypnotised

Soundtrack: Simple Minds “Hypnotised” (click here to listen)

venezia essenziale: le finestre

It is well known that glass is a major part of Venezia’s story, charm and identity, so lets talk about windows of Venezia. Walking down the streets of this city you will see many walls made of ancient stones, however, one significant feature of the architecture there are the windows.

venezia essenziale: echoes of love

There are several schools of thought about Piazza San Marco among those who love Venezia. There are those who advise you to avoid it almost like a plague due to the maddening tourist crowds. And although I understand the sentiment (and Id probably be among those who suggest you stay

reflected realities: return to the city beyond

“I have to admit I didn’t expect to see you here ever again.” “Suppose I missed this hole way too much to resist its appeal.” She smiled. “If you weren’t who you are it would sound almost believable, but since you are exactly who you are it means something has

reflected realities: explore

“Venice is a city that allows you to kind of explore yourself, to discover and redefine who you are.” [Jared Leto] Soundtrack: Robert Miles “Everyday life” (click here to listen)  

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