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you were a comet

Actually this post was supposed to be called “Alice and the Liar princess”, but hey, Im way too obsessed with the song that is today’s soundtrack, so the original title went out the window. Or should I say – out of the mirror? Speaking of mirrors, there is a calle

life in 24mm: the tude

You think I’m just too serious, I think you’re full of shit I think that life’s too short for this, I want back my ignorance and bliss I think I’ve had enough of this, blow me one last kiss. [Pink “blow me (one last kiss)”]

life in 24mm: cheap thrills

about the boys


E un’anima forte che sa stare sola E un’anima forte che non ha paura [Elisa “L’anima vola”]

feline friday: seeing double

Greetings lovely humans! Our girl was all about flowers last week as you may have noticed, which is why there was no our Friday, but before she ventured out into the fragrant world of colors, she experimented with a new method of taking pictures which makes me see double of

dreamland dark

You’d better hope and pray that you make it safe Back to your own world ‘Cause when you sleep at night they don’t hear your cries In your own world [Shakespears Sister “Stay”] model: Natalie from Anna Tarabrina’s workshop “Expressionism”

feline friday: introduction

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Max and its a pleasure to meet you. Im a fun, smart and sweet feline gentlemen. A true charmer. A feline dandy, if you will. And Im taking over this blog on Fridays. Along with my twin sister. You’ll meet her a

from the vault: grasp

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