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Thats what this post is essentially – a kaleidoscope of my year. Some of its pieces you’ve already seen, some are new. My hope is for you to enjoy them, and I wish you all a kick-ass New Year full of adventure and wonder! See you soon, dear friends. Advertisements


the autumn chronicles

Autumn. Fall. Call it the way you please but the fact remains – its an artist. Sometimes he shows up in town with only one color in his crayon box (but hey, even Picasso had his pink and blue period), but this year he’s brought the full palette… of gold…

many happy returns Ms Guggenheim

Its turns out me and Ms Guggenheim have birthday on the same day, so such a joyful occasion calls for a celebratory visual extravaganza dedicated to the city most mesmerizing…

illusorium: the lensbaby noir edition

“The view changes from where you are standing. All of these things are true.” [Neil Gaiman “Fragile things: short fictions and wonders”]

illusorium: the lensbaby edition

Lets dream a bit through a Lensbaby prism… “I mean, maybe I am crazy. I mean, maybe. But if this is all there is, then I don’t want to be sane.” [Neil Gaiman “Neverwhere”]


While this virtual house of mine is going through some renovations (with virtual clutter making the place a mess) I thought Id entertain you with some pictures, because as the Brits were cutting their ties with the continent, Latvians were celebrating one of their very favorite festivals – that of

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