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snow me joy

December passed snowless. There was not a gram of festive feelings in me for it is encoded in the DNA of this Northern girl that there must be snow for Christmas and New Year. On the third day of the new year the snow finally showed up and made me

under the galaxy

“I like the stars. It’s the illusion of permanence, I think. I mean, they’re always flaring up and caving in and going out. But from here, I can pretend…I can pretend that things last. I can pretend that lives last longer than moments. Gods come, and gods go. Mortals flicker

2015 deluxe edition: part IV

Reflections. This journey once started as me photographing puddles and confusing the hell out of people by doing so. I still love water mirrors. Even the tiniest yet usable water mirror can bring back the spark to my creativity that sometimes decides to abandon me at the most inappropriate of

per le strade: surrounded

“Everybody has a secret world inside of them. I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world, I mean everybody — no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them they’ve all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds… Not just one world. Hundreds

per le strade: when it rains

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” [Roger Miller] Some people say rain makes Venezia unbearable. I happen to think it makes it even more beautiful. Venezia is a city inseparably connected with water, so why would it make it unbearable? Rain, fog, acqua alta, snow, mist,

life out of focus: white knight

first bite


per le strade: senza sapere dove

Partire e tornare Senza sapere quando Andata senza ritorno Ti seguirei fino in capo al mondo All’ultimo secondo Cercando te [Baby K “Roma – Bangkok”]

per le strade: walk on by

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