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dreamscapes: domenica

When I think back of last Saturday and Sunday I think of… bliss. I remember wandering through the wonderfully sunlit and quiet streets of Dorsoduro and San Polo on Saturday, where scaredy-cats that roam the main thoroughfares between San Marco and Rialto dont dare to set their feet for fear

37 glimpses: V

When summer heat takes over, Venezia transforms yet again. It becomes a kaleidoscope of pitch black shadows and blinding shafts of light. To stay behind the scenes or to step onto the stage, that’s for you to decide…

Venezia classica

New year, new camera, however, the destination remains the same. It almost feels as though I have to bring each of the cameras Ive ever owned there to bring it through the initiation rite of sorts to let the city show me exactly why the particular photographic contraption has come

the great white calm II

per le strade: of shadows and light

The best thing about Venezia in August? The play of harsh, pitch black shadows and blinding sunlight. You think Im kidding? Im not. Not even a little. Ever since I got my hands on my now beloved Fuji camera Ive come to love chiaroscuro, because once you get darkness and


Paris sessions: gold

Paris sessions: shadow dwellers

sunday bliss

dietro lo specchio: herby

On the first day of this month I made a claim that I know better than to go to Venezia in August. Yeah, sure, I do know, but did that stop me? Certainly not.

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