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Midsummer fair

Every year right before the Midusmmer’s celebration the annual fair takes place on the main square of the Riga Old Town. In this post I give you a few glimpses into said event. And as a soundtrack – a beautifully refreshing take on Latvian folk music (click here to listen)

winter birds

Kuldiga: a moment before the feast

It has been a month (almost to the day) since Ive posted anything. I was hoping that by this time the renovations of my virtual home would be done, but… life happened and the virtual scaffolding is still up and the virtual cans of paint and brushes and whatnot are

medieval feast

A few months ago, in August to be exact, the beautiful town of Cesis hosted the annual weekend of all things medieval. Ive already done a post on it (which you can check out here) a couple of years ago, however, I like all things medieval which means I had

the fall

There is a magical movie called “The Fall” filled with incredible colors among other things that make it so special. Here I give you another kind of fall, that of autumnal variety, also filled with incredible colors…

behind the shot: together

Most of the time its the photos that do all the talking on this blog (and it will remain so in the future), but Ive decided to switch things up a little and do a “behind the scenes” kind of a post now and then that will tell the story

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