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Soundtrack: Robert Miles “In my dreams” (click here to listen)

the life so mobile

A dear friend of mine said of this picture: “I wouldn’t have seen this photo if I hadn’t looked into my phone.” I cannot argue with that. Its a fact. Good? Bad? Sad? Miserable? Unavoidable? Depends on your state of mind, I suppose… Soundtrack: Shania Twain “Ka-Ching” (click here to

sea escapades

venezia essenziale: story of many colors

You think Burano is a mad mess of colors? I assure you, its not. Everything is in perfect colorful harmony there. Even people dress accordingly, which is an absolutely beautiful thing…

venezia essenziale: magic tricks

How fitting it is to stroll down the main shopping street in Venezia on your way to a supermarket on a warm evening in  spring and come across a performer like this. A bit of magic interfering with such a mundane task. And then there was a moment when he

per le strade: unlock your soul

“My soul is yours, and it always will be, in any world. No matter what happens.” [Laini Taylor “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”]

per le strade: chaperone

London vibes

On a sunny Sunday a week ago I found myself wandering the beautiful streets of London. It was a true delight to see this city again after many years of separation… Soundtrack: Thomas Bergersen “New Life” (click here to listen)

per le strade: the pigeon lord

Ah, piazza San Marco, you wonderful stage of the theater of life. So many shows going on there simultaneously – romances, dramas, comedies, mysteries, thrillers, you name it. People are both actors and audience there all at once. If I dont watch myself, I can end up spending half a

37 glimpses: XIII

“In the morning this light breasts your windowpane and, having pried your eye open like a shell, runs ahead of you, strumming its lengthy rays – like a hot-footed schoolboy running his stick along the iron grate of the park or garden – along arcades, colonnades, red-brick chimneys, saints and

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