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feline friday: statement

Dear Max, As you know our lovely human bought a new chair, so I thought it only proper to inform you, my dear brother, that said chair is mine. With love, Betina

feline friday: seeing double

Greetings lovely humans! Our girl was all about flowers last week as you may have noticed, which is why there was no our Friday, but before she ventured out into the fragrant world of colors, she experimented with a new method of taking pictures which makes me see double of

feline friday: inspectors

Greetings, lovely humans! Our human (the one I chose so wisely) loves to travel, which is why make sure she does so in style. I always always inspect her suitcases before each trip she takes. Besides making sure she hasnt forgotten anything, I also must admit those things are sooo

feline friday: two peas in a pod

Greetings, lovely humans! As you can see, my brother and I, we’ve managed to squeeze into one picture, but he’s too lazy to do any writing today, so its up to me to add the words. We had a pretty lazy and rainy Friday here, so no fun stories from

feline friday: cosmic girl

She’s just a cosmic girl From another galaxy She’s from a cosmic world [Jamiroquai “Cosmic girl”]   Greetings, lovely humans! I believe last week you met my brother, Max. The mister grabbed the first post all to himself (cat boys are no better than human boys, purrr), so this week

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