Tag: dream

dreamscapes: sogno a dorsoduro

Let me take you for a walk in a dream. Was it real? Perhaps I only dreamed it up? Who knows? Soundtrack: Muse “Unintended” (click here to listen)

nessun grado di separazione

No degree of separation between reality and dream. Aren’t they the same anyway?

reflected realities: forse sì forse no…

There is a Warderobe that leads you to Narnia. There is a bridge that takes you to Terabithia. Where will this bridge lead you? Will you dare to go to said unknown place?

beautiful lie

“Whatever is there that proves any of this is real? That its not just some illusion planted in my head making me see what somebody else wants me to see? How do I even know that this is not just a dream I simply am unable to wake up from?

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