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London vibes

On a sunny Sunday a week ago I found myself wandering the beautiful streets of London. It was a true delight to see this city again after many years of separation… Soundtrack: Thomas Bergersen “New Life” (click here to listen) Advertisements

37 glimpses: I

When a journey to Venezia appears on the horizon it always feels like Christmas Eve no matter the season. And as this year’s spring adventure draws ever closer I thought Id share 37 glimspes – one for each day that still separates me from La Serenissima – from the archive.

sogni bizzarri della regina matta II

What if I wanted to break Laugh it all off in your face What would you do? What if I fell to the floor Couldn’t take all this anymore What would you do? I tried to be someone else But nothing seemed to change I know now, this is who

chiaroscuro: visibly hidden

“Standing there on display was painful enough. Now came the truly unfortunate task of socializing.” [V. E. Schwab “A Gathering of Shadows”]

reflected realities: through the looking-glass

“Still she haunts me, phantomwise, Alice moving under skies Never seen by waking eyes.” [Lewis Carroll “Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there”]

skiing ghosts

They say this was the last day of true winter, at least for a while, so many people headed out and into the woods…

the great white calm III

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