Venezia by day

“It is as if, in a kind in intimate dialogue, the city tries to reveal itself to its observer, raising the curtain of appearances before a stage which becomes visible only as it moves into another dimension, free of constraints of space and time, in which the plot reveals every clue, even the most obscure and disturbing.”
[Alberto Toso Fei in “Dream of Venice”]

Soundtrack: Near Light by Ólafur Arnalds (click here to listen)

4 Replies to “Venezia by day”

  1. Fabulous use of water and windows to capture reflections! Have you seen Fiora Gandolfi’s book Venice Reflects? She compares water reflections to fabrics and other textures in really interesting ways.
    I also love the way you capture expressions and gestures. You must have a fast reaction time!


    • biankonera says:

      Thank you so much! I find water and reflective surfaces very fascinating. And Venice to me is a never ending book of amazing pictures and stories and I can only hope to try and find ways of showing them and maybe do that a little bit differently. As for Fiora Gandolfi’s book – sadly no, I haven’t seen it, but it certainly sounds very intriguing so I will make sure to look it up in November when Im back in Venezia.


  2. Beautiful collection


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