In my own words

why photography?
because i cannot draw or paint to express myself and because i love visual arts, so camera has become my brush and light – my colours.

what kind of a photographer are you?
I’m a storyteller. it was perfectly clear to me from the very beginning that i want to tell stories with my photographs and since i love all things unreal, surreal and dream-like those stories have to reflect that somehow. reality has very little to do with my art.

a deliberate decision that?
about reality? absolutely!

do you get paid for your photographs?
no, because Im not doing it for the money. at least not yet. i have my day job juggling four languages which is good enough for now. maybe someday things will change.

what’s your kit like?
very simple. lately I use mostly my Fujifilm x-e1 with its kit lens (which is amazing), several tripods of various level of sturdiness, a range of filters, mirrors and various things to shoot through.

you dont have a flash?
nope. and Im not particularly looking for one. there are other more subtle and interesting ways to light a subject than blinding them with a flash.

what software you use for post-processing?
pixelmator and aperture.  I don’t believe in heavy editing, thus I see no reason to invest in expensive software.

favorite photographers?
Jay Maisel, Rankin.

what inspires you?

favorite subject to shoot?
dreams. human dreams, city dreams. give me a mirror and I can photograph a dream for you. I love reflections, moods, stories, shooting through things.

what’s usually on your shooting playlist?
Thirty Seconds to Mars and Adam Lambert are the staples and then there are various adittions that depend on my mood. for example the soundtrack for my last photo trip to Venezia included Taylor Swift’s album 1989.

favorite books?
fantasy ones. among favorite writers – Mark Lawrence, Brent Weeks, Cassandra Clare, Laini Taylor, Catherine Webb, Patrick Rothfuss, Natasha Mostert. A little while ago – by lucky accident – I discovered Freda Warrington’s books and now Im hooked.

favorite movies?
The Crow, Mr Nobody, Dorian Grey, Under the Tuscan Sun

favorite cities?
Venezia, Torino, Prague

favorite color?
love them all (maybe except that one crazy psychedelic shade of pink that just shatters my brain into microns)

whats the real pleasure in life?
living life.

12 Replies to “In my own words”

  1. kerryl29 says:

    Thanks very much for visiting my blog yesterday. It’s much appreciated.


  2. Duko says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Feel free to read more about it at:


  3. amkimberlin says:

    Your work is awesome!! I am in Rome right now and I can relate to the Drowned World series. its great!


  4. amkimberlin says:

    Well I am just trying to share my experiences in Rome through photography and drawing. Your work really caught my eye though. I have always had a fascination with mirrors and reflections. Its like you are using them to frame a view into another world.


  5. amkimberlin says:

    I like the writing as well. I will definitely be keeping up with your blog. Thanks!


  6. adem meywa says:

    I really feel what you mean with what you write about doing this for money or not! Expressing yourself and showing what you see and how is exactly what I say since I’ve started with photography. Keep up doing your thing, you have the eyes of a photographer! There is no like button here so I was forced to write something ;p


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