the prince who ruled the world

There was a commotion in the crowd. Something was sending waves of excitement in all directions. What in the hell? And then she spotted the source of it all. Stunning, majestic, aloof, with arrogance measured to razor sharp perfection, acutely aware of the effect he had on those around, the fae bird prince or deity moved through the sea of people that parted in front of him upon each step he took. He owned the piazza like nobody’s business. Who cared about some official show going on behind him? He certainly didn’t. And why would he? People flocked to him unable to resist the pull, forgetting everything else and jaws dropping as they set eyes upon him. He was their god demanding undivided adoration and every single soul happily obliged…

Soundtrack: Within Temptation “Memories'” (click here to listen)

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