treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable by damien hirst: story I

Venezia used many things to lure me back this year. She tempted me with glass and twinkling Christmas lights. But there was one event that sealed the deal the minute I found out about it and saw the promotional pictures. It was Damien Hirst’s exhibition “Treasures from the wreck of the Unbelievable” held at Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana.

Pretty often, when you wait for something for a long time, your expectations become sky high and then you are let down by what you see with your own eyes and/or feel with your own senses. This visual and sensory experience was an amazing exception. I am all about all things fantastical, so this over the top world created/found by Mr Hirst was right up my calle.

I could dump a whole load of pictures from it on you all at once, but I prefer to go slow and show them piece by piece. Let’s start with a detail shot of the headless giant demon that had landed right in the middle of the Palazzo Grassi’s foyer/inner courtyard…

Soundtrack: Skillet “Stars” (click here to listen)

What do you think?

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