Into the dark

Walk with me to the places you dare not imagine…

The darkness is back. Anybody surprised? No? Good.

When darkness falls over Venezia, there is a good chance you might find me wandering the streets of Dorsoduro. It has become my favorite sestiere ever since I spent a week there back in 2014.

In fact, it was before this trip I realized that late November / early December marks three years from the day I heard a whisper of my photographic voice. Earlier that year I had had some semblance of an “exhibition” to my name, but I remember thinking: “Why couldn’t this happen later? The photos I have now are all right, I guess, although I can do so much better, but they do not speak of me. Not really. They show the city I love the most in this world, yes, but they are mute as far as my voice is concerned.” Better said, I hadn’t yet found my voice. That was still ahead of me…

Soundtrack: Adam Lambert “Welcome to the show” (click here to listen)

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