Of sunlight and bliss in Cannaregio

Let’s go a bit lighter today, shall we? After my last slightly macabre post I thought I’d give you a reprieve from my dark and moody side by taking you for a walk in Cannaregio, the northernmost of Venezia’s sestieri. A simple walk. No fantasy twists or darkness, I promise. This time.

Till this trip I hadn’t really ventured into the depths of Cannaregio, although it had been on my to-do list for ages. That’s the thing with me and Venezia – she always mesmerizes me (or downright blinds me) with something and I end up wandering light-headed, happy and starry-eyed, having totally forgotten what I’d planned on doing. Case in point this time? I had wanted to take a look at the city from the heights of San Giorgio Maggiore’s bell tower, I even made a promise to a dear friend that I would, but that didn’t happen. Again. Next time. Surely. I hope…

For now lets head where most tourists never set their feet. Cannaregio. Sure, they wander up and down the Strada Nuova, that connects the train station and Rialto, but hey, that’s not Cannaregio. That’s a safety zone, tourist’s last chance at escaping the great evil of La Serenissima – getting lost.

That day Cannaregio was peacefully enjoying the late November sunshine like a lazy cat. I wandered down its sunny fondamentas and shadowy calles, trying to blend into the surroundings to get a better feel of the place, so that I wouldn’t disturb whatever was going on around me. I do this often in Venezia, which is why countless photographs remain in my memory only, they become my treasures.

Come to think of it, this sestiere is also (relatively) free of the hordes of people living their life on Instagram, although funnily enough one of their favorite photo spots – Ponte Chiodo – finds itself exactly in Cannaregio. I kid you not, ladies of all ages stand in line to have their photos taken by their BFFs or Instagram boyfriends/husbands. I suppose they risk the dreadful possibility of getting lost in Cannaregio because the other bridge without the parapets – Ponte del Diavolo – finds itself all the way on Torcello, and who could survive going so far and getting lost there?

Soundtrack: Ed Sheeran “Dive” (click here to listen)

2 Replies to “Of sunlight and bliss in Cannaregio”

  1. Kenneth says:

    Nice photos! Keep up the good work✌


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