Venezia loves theatre. Venezia is theatre. Venezia is theatrical and I love her for it, because I am dramatic. And the streets around La Fenice theatre are especially magical in this regard. Im normally a tad afraid of the dark, but I am unable to resist nightly walks through this city. Somehow these walks calm me, take away my fears. They set my mind at ease.

The nighttime Venice. It is so silent. It turns into an immense mansion. An ancient palazzo like those trimming the beautiful sash that is the Grand Canal and its narrow winding streets become a maze of shadowy hallways. And someone was running down one such hallway just as I stepped out from one myself. Steps were approaching quickly and the next thing I knew a woman dressed in a white coat burst into the white light of the campo in front of La Fenice and flew up the stairs and into the theatre. She was late. She was so perfect for this setting. I whirled around and froze this scene in the memory of my heart…

Soundtrack: Giuseppe Verdi “La Traviata: Ouverture” (click here to listen)


2 Replies to “theatre”

  1. Luca Marchiori says:

    What beautiful words which sum up the atmosphere completelh. I love nighttime Venice too.

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