man in the dark

I sit here fighting the most ridiculous feeling in the world that just refuses to let go of me. Why am I still thinking about some guy I glimpsed for no more than few minutes, if that much, on some campo in Venezia and photographed just because he looked so cool? Ive photographed many cool looking guys over the years, but none have left an imprint like this. Why him all of a sudden? For some inexplicable reason he either stirred some long dormant emotions in me or just set my imagination running wild as a firestorm. Its been 10 days, 10 blasted days, since that smallest and most fleeting of moments and I still cannot get him out of my head. And what use is there? None. But I have those few pictures and they drive me mad. Im wired crazy like that. Sure, this obsession of sorts will fade, but he will always be my nameless Venetian apparition, a treasure from my own wreck of the unbelievable…

Soundtrack: Darren Hayes “Insatiable” (click here to listen)


3 Replies to “man in the dark”

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Excellent choice in sound track…..I can almost see his face.
    I have one like that from Venice in March that I caught on the vaporetto…..I’m sure if you go through my pictures during the last week you’ll pick him out. He’s just an unknown man on the vaporetto. Luckily the person I was with is not the jealous type…or if he is he doesn’t show it. I really was just taking an innocent picture.

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  2. What a delicious feeling! I don’t think you need to give it up…

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