november wind

That November morning wind barged into Venezia and ran through its calles, fondamentas and canals at the speed of 35 km/h, rattling window blinds and tearing umbrellas out of the hands of the unfortunate ones who for whatever reason were forced to be on the streets. And said wind had arrived hand in hand with its bestie rain. After all its much more fun to play games with a like-minded companion. I watched their shenanigans from the window of my apartment on the upper floor that offered the most stunning rooftop view Ive ever had in my years of coming to this city (more on this later), sipping hot lemon water with acacia honey all the while Robbie Williams was singing about how much he loves his life. At that moment in time I loved my life too, because, according to Mr Williams “finally I (was) where I wan(ted to) be”.

I love any city during the rain because it brings out umbrellas which I find fascinating photography subjects. However in Venezia there is another reason why I love rain – it turns the pavement of the city’s streets into mirrors of sorts, and I can never resist those. Sometimes the reflections they show are clear, while sometimes they are just hints, whispers of some parallel world that peeks through these mirrors…

Soundtrack: Two Steps From Hell “Wind Queen” (click here to listen)

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