the return

Ritornerai, ritornerai da me
[Marco Mengoni “Ricordera l’amore”]

Basically this was what Venezia was whispering in my ear all the time since March, her voice sweet as honey, soft as a velvet rope. I knew that I would return, I always do, but I wasn’t certain it would happen again before this year was done with us. After all there had been the wonderful March experience. But it happened. Because Venezia knows what to tempt me with and because I cannot resist her charms…

I had hoped that this time she would finally give me fog. She didn’t. I had hoped she would give me acqua alta again. She deemed that unnecessary. I had intended going there to think, but Venezia said: “There’s no way in hell that’s gonna happen! You shall not spend 10 days stewing and brewing. No. I will switch off that goddamn mind of yours and you shall feel. You will feel every single day, every single hour. You will be certain it’s only pain you feel, but your photos will show you the truth.” And she was right. She always is. She made me slow down by means of back pain and forced me into a day of complete rest by slamming me with a massive vertigo. Brutal methods, right? Yes. But they work. And besides her rewards for me were some of the best photographs Ive ever taken and some of the most incredible emotions and experiences Ive ever lived.

Soundtrack: Francesco Renga “Perfetto” (click here to listen)

5 Replies to “the return”

  1. Gorgeous and mysterious..!

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  2. mvaden1948 says:

    I am looking forward to more….both your photos and your writing. So glad you got a good dose of our beloved.
    I believe that each visit to La Serenissima is life changing in some way…often unknown to us.
    Our week in March was special for me also.

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    • You are so wonderfully right, dear Michelle. La Serenissima is a life changing experience every single time. The changes might be grand or they may be subtle, but they are always significant. She gives answers if only we are willing enough to listen to them or see/feel them. Speaking of writing, I will write soon (you know what I mean), you have my word. Its just been a bit hectic (as it always is before my trips for some reason).

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      • mvaden1948 says:

        I haven’t been very responsive either. This fatigue even keeps me from checking my email. I’m good at reading most days but responding takes a while.
        So glad I made that trip in March.

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