venezia essenziale: echoes of love

There are several schools of thought about Piazza San Marco among those who love Venezia. There are those who advise you to avoid it almost like a plague due to the maddening tourist crowds. And although I understand the sentiment (and Id probably be among those who suggest you stay away from the place during the busy hours of the high season, but never advise you to ignore this jewel) in all honesty I represent those who find the Piazza absolutely fascinating. Aside from the obvious reason – its breathtaking beauty – I find it to be an incredible stage for the theater of life. People watching there is so fascinating, so when in Venezia I go there at least twice a day (morning and evening) because Im always curious what stories I could catch there. Oh and the feeling when basilica’s bells start ringing as you approach the Piazza as if Venezia is welcoming you is enough to make even the saddest heart smile.

This photo is one of the stories I caught in winter of 2014. The Piazza was almost deserted, as it always is at that time of year, with only birds and echoes of voices flying around. Echoes of love…

What do you think?

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