venezia essenziale: Corte del Milion

A little while ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine about how I should create a photo book of my favorite Venezia pictures. I don’t know about a book, but the idea of such a collection seemed rather appealing because it would force me to finally sort through all the photos Ive taken in this beautiful city over the years.

And so I thought Id post them all here. One by one. Some seen previously, others published for the first time. In no particular order. With no exact number in mind. With only one intention and one alone – to share with you my love for this most incredible place and perhaps show it to you in a way that’s a bit more different than the traditional photographs you’ve seen of Venezia. How about that?

So lets start with this shot taken in late 2014. In spring of that year I had gotten my hands on my very first Fujifilm X-series camera – XE1. For the most part of that year I (a worshiper at the Canon church at the time) had no true understanding as to what to do with this mirrorless device. I had a feeling it was more suited to me than the DSLR I was using, but I couldn’t really explain why. The epiphany came in winter of that year when I went to Venezia and discovered how perfect XE1 was for capturing the chiaroscuro type of effect. I suppose, that was the turning point in my photographic style – when my pictures became “darker” and started evolving to what they are now.

As for this particular shot, it has to be one of my all time ultimate favorites. I wandered into a sottoportego (or as I like to call them – magical portals) off the empty Corte del Milion and was about to head somewhere else when I heard footsteps approaching and thought – lets wait and see who walks into my frame…

What do you think?

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