weekend musings: eight

This month marks 8 years since I wandered into the world of photography, half consciously, half totally by accident. I took up photography for the simple reason that I had a camera lying around and nothing better to do at the time and this seemingly random decision ended up changing my life in more ways than I can explain. So I thought lets mark this little anniversary of sorts with two images that were taken that very first year of my photographic journey and with 8 absolutely random facts about me. Here we go…

I love shooting through things and from a distance so that I don’t scare away the magical moments that are fleeting enough as they are.

Wonderfully creative and talented people who dare to live their dreams and encourage others to do the same are the ones I admire.

Asked to choose between New York and London I will choose the latter in a heartbeat.

I adore rock singers with amazing voices who can make the hair on my neck stand up when they sing live (without a microphone) in a full blown rock concert in a massive arena – Jared Leto, Im talking about you.

1989 by Taylor Swift was my soundtrack during my 2014 winter trip to Venezia although she is not even close to being among my favorite artists.

My favorite books are of the fantasy genre.

I dont read daily news and I dont believe in weather predictions, although I trust it when crows predict heavy winds by perching themselves on the very tops of trees.

I was once told I have no individual point of view in photography, so I decided to act like a camera – process the negative information given to me into something positive and prove the smartass who had uttered said statement completely wrong along the way.

Now I wish you a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to everyone who’s celebrating!


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