per le strade: the pigeon lord

Ah, piazza San Marco, you wonderful stage of the theater of life. So many shows going on there simultaneously – romances, dramas, comedies, mysteries, thrillers, you name it. People are both actors and audience there all at once. If I dont watch myself, I can end up spending half a day there just to try and catch these fleeting glimpses. I suppose this one man’s show was called “I am the pigeon lord”…

Soundtrack: Bruno Bavota “Heartbeat” (click here to listen)

4 Replies to “per le strade: the pigeon lord”

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Okay, he really needed a selfie stick for the full effect.
    Another wonderful piece of music, bella.

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  2. Perhaps he wasn’t even taking a photo of himself? maybe he just walks around like that with his 3 pigeon lieutenants sending them off to steal cakes and crumbs for him from unsuspecting tourists?

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