Venezia classica

New year, new camera, however, the destination remains the same. It almost feels as though I have to bring each of the cameras Ive ever owned there to bring it through the initiation rite of sorts to let the city show me exactly why the particular photographic contraption has come to be in my possession.

I don’t know, what will Venezia show me this time, what will she teach me, what stories will she tell me. All I know for certain is that my attention will be unconditionally hers come spring. I will let all my guards down and be ready for surprises, miracles even…

There’s still a bit of time before said adventure, so I thought Id start this year by sharing some snaps from previous visits – some good old Venetian classics.

Oh, and it turns out today is the 7th anniversary of my blogging adventure here, which is why this post actually is a big thank you too all 1006 of you, who have chosen to join this visual library of mine…

5 Replies to “Venezia classica”

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Sigh! I’m really looking forward to our adventure together in spring!

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  2. We’ve stood in the same spot with our cameras 😉 (And we’re not the only ones!)

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