where the colors rule the world

“Where is it written that houses must be beige? Any dun colored house would look better if painted pineapple, cream, ochre, or even a smart sage.”
[Frances Mayes]
And there is a place where you can see how true these words are – Burano. It takes some dedication to get there, but once you do, you know you are going to return sooner or later… Let’s go for a walk there, shall we?

4 Replies to “where the colors rule the world”

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Come una scatola di pastelle…like a box of crayons! Those were the first words of Italian Josefina taught me.
    Burano…one of my favorite places.

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    • And those words are absolutely true 🙂 I love Burano (and this year I had the “misfortune” of finally tasting the cookies they make there… oh my goodness, Im doomed now 😀 )

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      • mvaden1948 says:

        I have a recipe for those cookies and keep thinking I’ll make them but I’ll just probably wait and go to the bakery on Burano where I know I can buy them by the bag!
        I should do it early in my visit so I can eat them while I’m there and doing all that walking!

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      • Those cookies… Mamma mia… Im so glad I hadnt discovered them earlier actually because I feel there would have been a serious danger of addiction developing… 😀 But yeah, walking could be the saving grace indeed.

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