Walking down the street she first heard the music. It was somewhat haunting and exquisitely beautiful all at once. Gaia saw a crowd of people that had gathered in a circle around someone or something she couldn’t see. Walking closer she couldn’t deny that the curiosity was growing by each step she took, yet it was sprinkled with… fear? But why? Silly.

And suddenly through the crowd she caught a glimpse of Damiano. It was him the curious had gathered for and he was entertaining his spectators with some seemingly impossible tricks that involved glass balls of various sizes and levitation. Yes, levitation, for he had the glass balls – some clear, others filled with some shimmering and glowing substances – literally floating in the air around him. Gaia watched him in absolute awe and disbelief through the cracks in the human wall that surrounded him, all the time wishing to remain unnoticed. She was about to step away and continue on her way when Damiano looked up from the glass ball he was now holding in his hands that seemed filled with sunlight and his gaze landed on her. What caught Gaia off guard even more was the fact that it was done in the most deliberate way, as though he knew the exact spot where to find her. And then he smiled the way one does in delight upon fulfilling some secret plan. Although nobody turned her way she felt as though a beam of the brightest light had been cast upon her.

No, it was impossible. It had to be impossible. There were too many people between them. He couldn’t have noticed her in this crowd. Or could he? The crowd gasped in delight and shock as the sunlight filled ball took off from Damiano’s palms and slowly floated up…

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