2015 deluxe edition: part IV

Reflections. This journey once started as me photographing puddles and confusing the hell out of people by doing so. I still love water mirrors. Even the tiniest yet usable water mirror can bring back the spark to my creativity that sometimes decides to abandon me at the most inappropriate of times (case in point – Paris). But soon enough I realized that there are so many beautiful reflective surfaces all around. Most people pass them by, yet I am always mesmerized by them and I love experimenting with them by using them in some ways that might be less expected. And of course Ive been known to drag mirrors along to all kinds of shoots… And without a further ado I give you this year’s collection of my Reflected Realities.

5 Replies to “2015 deluxe edition: part IV”

  1. Ecco, Venezia l’ho sempre trovata più “benevola” per gli streeters… con qualche accortezza nessuno bada a una persona con la macchina fotografica, ce ne sono ogni giorno a migliaia. Bella serie, la sesta è la mia preferita.


    • Grazie! Venezia e’ una citta’ molto speciale e particolare, come lo sai benissimo. 🙂 Sono d’accordo, che li’ la gente e’ più abituata alle persone con le macchine fotografiche in cerca del prossimo scatto, quindi e’ più facile evitare attimi forzati. Magari e’ il motivo per cui li’ mi sento davvero libera.


  2. Very nice to see this series of images. The last image of the people reflected in the windows of the train is great. You could almost believe they are inside.

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