2015 deluxe edition: part III

I am made up of contradictions – I love photographing people, yet at the same time Im a painfully shy individual with bouts of self-consciousness added in for extra fun when it comes to dealing with strangers and that makes being a true portrait photographer somewhat challenging, which is why I turned to street photography. This genre of photography scares many, however, I seem to find a kind of a selfish comfort in it – I can still photograph people yet remain mostly unnoticed by them. Portraiture of strangers, the one where I would actually have to go up to them and ask permission to take their photo, still remains an uncharted territory for me due to the above mentioned reasons, but maybe one day I will dare to cross that invisible border. In the meantime I give you the beautiful people of this year. This time in full blown colours.

6 Replies to “2015 deluxe edition: part III”

  1. Photography has helped me quite a lot with my shyness, I am very shy without my camera but with that thing in my hands I am much more confident… but it always goes away after shoot… maybe it will stay someday 🙂

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  2. Il testo di questo post potrei averlo scritto io. C’è sempre un sottile confine che non riesco a superare nella foto di strada, vuoi per la timidezza, vuoi perchè valicato tale limite la situazione cambia e non mi attira più come prima. Probabilmente il tempo mi darà la risposta. Comunque nei tuoi scatti ci sono davvero spunti notevoli. Sei sulla strada… giusta! Un saluto.

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    • Grazie, Marco! Infatti hai ragione riguardo quello sottile confine. Quando viene attraversato, la situazione davvero spesso cambia, diventa artificiale (in qualche senso) e perde la magia che ti ha fatto notare la scena particolare. Magari proprio per questo la foto di strada assomiglia un po’ la caccia al tesoro. 🙂


  3. Yvonne says:

    I like each and every one of these, but especially the frustration caught in the posture of the fellow in the 3rd photo. Who hasn’t felt that when try to negotiate a strange city?

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    • Thank you, Yvonne! It is so true and as we know Venice can be the epitome of frustrating confusion. I once overheard a tourist say: “Lets go or we will get lost.” Perhaps she was right for these two stopped and… got lost. 🙂

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