behind the shot: a slightly clumsy attempt…

… at a nod to a master. There are images that take their place in our memory and never leave it because they seem to fit our mind, our imagination, our thoughts, our being perfectly like those pieces of a puzzle that hold the whole thing together. One of such key pieces for me is a beautiful photograph by Gianni Berengo Gardin taken on a vaporetto (google the master’s name and you will get the image Im referring to). And so there I was on a vaporetto one November afternoon when I noticed this scene and I just had to seize the moment and take the picture, but… I was sitting at the very back of the cabin, the focal length of my lens was way too short for taking the perfect shot and the polariser filter was perfectly safe inside a safety box in my hotel room. And yet I love this photograph.

What do you think?

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