stolen romance

I know, I know, I proclaimed August as the month of Venezia madness on this blog (and I promise it will soon return in full swing and more), but today Im sharing with you a beautiful shot I kind of stole in a park of the wonderfully picturesque town of Cesis when I was there for an event dedicated to all things medieval.

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  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Like that lovely bride and groom I stole near the Bridge of Sighs my last trip to Venezia!
    There must be a lovely story to go with this photo.

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    • biankonera says:

      I collect such stolen shots. 🙂 In this case I was wandering around the park and noticed a photographer and his assistant directing this couple. As I watched the scene I just couldn’t resist to take a few shots myself. Funny thing was the pro never took a shot of the newlyweds from this angle although I found it to be beautiful as they were framed by the sculptures etc (but hey, Im not a wedding shooter so…).


      • mvaden1948 says:

        That’s how I got my shots of the couple in Venice….I saw the photographer first….and I bet I’m the only one that got the ray of sunlight on the white lace of her train.
        And you, of all people, do not ever want to be a wedding shooter.


      • biankonera says:

        Well, I could become a wedding shooter if my only other job option would be working 9 to 5 in an office. I dont like anything that has even the slightest possibility of becoming a routine about it and I feel shooting weddings has just that. Or its just a matter of my attitude. 🙂


  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Having worked in an office regular hours for 24 years I understand what you are saying.
    Although where I worked was seldom routine.
    I just think you are too much of a free spirit for most weddings….unless it is a very special couple who enjoy your photography to begin with. I’d hate to see you caged into doing the usual set pieces. That was the point I was making. I’d rather not find my friend with her wings clipped.:-)


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