behind the shot: together

Most of the time its the photos that do all the talking on this blog (and it will remain so in the future), but Ive decided to switch things up a little and do a “behind the scenes” kind of a post now and then that will tell the story of a particular photograph.

There are places in every city, town etc that are considered the “postcard shots”. In the lovely town of Kuldīga, Latvia, there are two such places – the old brick bridge and the Ventas rumba (Venta Rapid) which also features the widest waterfall in Europe. The legend goes that said rapid is the doing of the Devil who had intended to flood Kuldīga, but hey, thats not the subject of this post.

Ive photographed these landmarks from different angles, but when I see these places Im always curious about how I could photograph them in a way that would be different from what people have already seen. Sure, I could take some shots and throw them into the post-processing blender, but I like to do as much as I can in camera.

Yes, its true, these two landmarks – the bridge and the rapid – can be seen together in one shot. For that you have to climb down to the water, quiet possibly fully equipped with tripod, remote release and whatnot (if you fancy doing long exposures) and wearing wellies so that you can find a place from where to frame the image perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing all that, however, when I go for my street photography walks I normally cannot be bothered to drag along heavy equipment (although Ive been known to do that).

So yesterday I went for a lovely morning walk through this beautiful town and ended up by the rapid (as I always do since there is a gorgeous park next to it). If you follow me you know I have an addiction and its called reflections. What is a girl to do if there is no puddle, window or any other suitable/usable reflective surface nearby? She is to carry a mirror with her and I do. For situations just like this one. I experimented with different angles and variations to see what could actually be done. What you see here are two of the best shots – one with rapid reflected and the other one with the bridge in the mirror. I feel its the idea I will try to explore more because the result could be better if I went to the opposite bank…

(Fujifilm X-1, F18, 1/340, focal length: 18)

 (Fujifilm X-1, F18, 1/180, focal length: 34,3)



  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Absolutely incredible! And I already figured you carried a mirror when you were out and about;-)

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