feline friday: seeing double

Greetings lovely humans! Our girl was all about flowers last week as you may have noticed, which is why there was no our Friday, but before she ventured out into the fragrant world of colors, she experimented with a new method of taking pictures which makes me see double of my own self (Bettina cannot stay in one place long enough to be a model for this experiment and there is no what you humans call Photoshop used in creating these double mes). I don’t mind, though, for there can never be too much of a charming feline gentleman. Miaooo… Max

5 Replies to “feline friday: seeing double”

  1. Yvonne says:

    I feel the need to have my eyes tested! (He’s a lovely boy.)

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  2. bellanoctis says:

    ❤ Beautiful!!!!!

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