Vivaldi musings

I never cared for Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. It was just another of the classical masterpieces better left on shelf. But everything changed on a bright winter’s morning a few years back. The sunlight of that day was so soft, so beautiful and has remained with me like a tattoo on my soul.

I walked pass Venezia’s Museo della Musica on Campo San Maurizio. I was on my way to Academia or maybe somewhere else, I don’t remember and it doesn’t really matter. What matters are the sounds of the most divine kind that reached my ears as somebody opened the doors of the building on their way out (or maybe in?).

The music literally stopped me in my tracks and yanked me inside the building, shutting doors safely behind my back to make sure I didn’t escape what was to come.

And what was to come was musical experience that changed something in my soul. No, it wasn’t a change. It was an addition. A missing piece was added to my being. An element that made me realise I hadn’t ever seen the city I had claimed to love.

“Inverno. Largo.” from Vivaldi’s “Le Quattro Staggioni” is my soundtrack for Venezia. If you listen carefully you will see the city’s soul in this music, you will hear its heartbeat.

And then take the 1st movement of “Summer” and you will find out how dead this city really is.

I remembered all this after attending a concert of “I virtuosi italiani” at the Santa Maria della Pieta’ aka the Vivaldi’s church. I had initially planned on going to the church of San Vidal, but somehow the guide of the Venice ghost tour managed to change my mind – after all, i thought, what better place to listen to my beloved Staggioni than where it was composed (as she alleged)?

Although the church was beautiful and the music was magical and the December night was warm enough for a blissful spring I was left somewhat… disappointed. The main reason? Speed. Ive heard many different interpretations of Staggioni and this one left me disenchanted because it truly seemed that they were galloping through it at a break-a-neck speed because all of them had to get home and watch football on TV. Sad, really.

However, now Ive a mission in life – to find the best interpretation of Le Quattro Staggioni performed in Venezia. Next on my list: church of San Vidal which was my initial choice.



  1. mvaden1948 says:

    So glad you finally heard what added to your musical soundtrack for Venezia….it has always been mine.
    Might I suggest a book? The Four Seasons: a Novel of Vivaldi’s Venice by Laurel Corona.
    The author knows the music so well that when she was describing it I could hear it playing in my head…and I’m not a musician.
    I also have a DVD of a musical group playing the Four Seasons with video around our beloved city. L’inverno is probably my favorite.

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    • biankonera says:

      “L’inverno” is pure magic. Come to think of it, Venice has always surprised me with very particular musical experiences. It always feels similar to diving under some sottoportego and finding a hidden gem there.
      Im really intrigued by that book, so I will definitely look it up. 🙂


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