friday night music



  1. yeah, Adam is great!


    • biankonera says:

      True! Im downright obsessed with his voice. His solo concert (as well as with Queen) is next on my list.

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      • His voice is so amazing! And he has a Finnish boyfriend 😉 or are they together or not changes daily I guess, but still ❤ His songs Sleepwalker and Whatya want from me are so great, I listen to them as often as Poets of the fall.

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      • biankonera says:

        Sleepwalker has great lyrics. I have Runnin’, Naked love and Outlaws of love on heavy rotation right now. And then, of course, the performances with Queen – I just love the way he interacts with the band and the audience. So so wonderful! ❤ Also he has woken me up to writing stories again. 🙂

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      • Yes and Queen is great band, my spouse loves Queen.
        By the way Adam`s version of Mad World… makes me really really weak…


      • biankonera says:

        I agree about Mad World. Adam has a wonderful ability to make each song more special by making it his own.


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