winter sirocco style

Monday arrived hand in hand with wailing of sirens that woke Gaia at half past four in the morning. The dreadful sound meant only one thing – the sea was coming to inspect its city. That wasn’t a surprise. She had seen the water level rise the night before returning from the mask studio. The level announcement followed – two tones this time. So boot day it is tomorrow. And with that thought she went back to sleep.

When she woke up a few hours later and opened the window and the dark green blinds Gaia was slammed in the face by a warm summer-like wind and equally warm and powerful rain. Ah, sirocco. Long time no see. She grinned to herself as she closed her eyes enjoying the warm shower that soaked her face, hair and pyjama top. With her naked feet she was standing in a small puddle.

The wind was doing its best impersonation of a hurricane. The sky was the colour of soft gold. The colour of the city she often saw in her dreams. The place so similar to Venezia, but Gaia knew it was just a creation of her imagination…

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    I actually hit the “love” button but it doesn’t register;-)

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