black mirror

Staring at the girl across the table from her Gaia felt a cold smirk curve her lips, yet she knew the the other one had no chance of noticing said reaction. The black mirror deceptively small and blinking with rainbow light that was in fact layers and layers of darkness in front of her had hypnotized its owner yet again.

I wanted to prove myself wrong, so I gave you a chance although my senses tell me to stay away from you just because I find the likes of you grating my soul like the extra coarse sandpaper. I avoid you as much as I can yet I give you a chance again and again. Why? I have no clue. Because I heard somebody in my family calling me “unsocial” behind my back (my giving not a rotten rat’s ass about said opinion and its owner is another story for another place and time) and you were the chance to prove them wrong? Why would I bother? No. Because I wanted to see you? Ten times no. This is more like a useless reflex in my system I keep having attacks of every so seldom yet I cannot overcome completely. And what happens when I succumb to said seizure? You prove to be predictable like clockwork. You keep up your appearances and it bores me senseless. You stare into your black mirror now (again and again and again) and I feel another layer of the invisible curtain falling between us. And it doesn’t bother me because I don’t care. Only a table separates me from you yet I feel we are in two different dimensions of space and time.

Gaia hid behind her sunglasses wishing she could step into some portal and away from the one who – amusingly enough – called her her friend.

[inspired by: Fred Wilson’s ‘Iago’s Mirror’ and smartphones among other things]

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